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  1. Phoenix cops are lying about police murder in Sunnyslope
  2. final stuff
  3. tuesday stuff
  4. free bus passes
  5. anti-government gifs
  6. Bush administration officials acknowledged that boarding the ship and taking charge of its cargo probably violated international law.
  7. getting weapons of mass descrution is just as easy as getting illegal drugs
  8. locate people with these urs!
  9. government goons steal money to fix homes
  10. out of control messy yard laws
  11. dentist that will take payments!!!!
  12. Authority of CIA to kill widened
  13. FBI making up lies to look needed
  14. Our tax dollars being wasted on stupid "Storm Drain Dan Billboards"
  15. Bush administration officials acknowledged that boarding the ship and taking charge of its cargo probably violated international law.
  16. locate people with these urs!
  17. Fightin' Whites spoof makes fun of PC mascot
  18. Messy yard laws out of control
  19. Nada, Nunca, Nadiea
  20. Whistling to ethical standards
  21. Messy yard laws
  22. Animators face extinction Computer-generated films outdraw traditional cartoons
  23. dentist that will take payments!!!!
  24. More lies from the FBI
  25. Robotic cameras flash out graffiti art
  26. "storm drains are for rain" its the law - Phoenix wasting money on this nonsense
  27. Romley said his investigation will continue into any role that O'Brien or other church officials played in covering up or failing to report sexual abuse dating back 30 years.
  28. these morons want the teacher to lie and tell kids that santa claus is real
  29. PAUL ANTHONY PUTZ people locator
  30. locate people with these urs!
  31. Policeman faces trial in Arizona bigamy case
  32. Differing Mormon scholars continue to be kicked out
  33. Mormons agree not to baptize dead Jews
  34. Bush takes financial leap of faith Churches eligible for federal funds
  35. More unconstitional messy yard laws
  36. Teacher asks court to toss child-porn case
  37. Government wants to destroy homes with messy yards
  38. Boston's archbishop apologizes, resigns
  39. Female lawmakers urge Iran to end stoning for adultery
  40. dentist that will take payments!!!!
  41. 100 attacks foiled, FBI says - Warns that terrorists still in U.S. - yea sure and a monkey flew out of my butt
  42. our tax dollars being wasted. the city of phoenix put up a billboard on the north side of indian school just east of 35th avenue that has a cartoon superhero in the form of a sewer pipe wearing a cape with a storm drain on it saying: "storm drains are for rain"
  43. Romley hints at deal if O'Brien steps down
  44. locate people with these urs!
  45. Neighborhood Nazi group planning to fix houses
  46. Nazi Suit seeks cleanup of West Valley blight
  47. for good dentist call charlie smith
  48. Lying FBI agents
  49. Robotic cameras flash out graffiti art
  50. "storm drains are for rain"
  51. idiots in the government are placing these gray wolves in forests where they can attack and harm people and livestock.
  52. getting weapons of mass descrution is just as easy as getting illegal drugs
  53. the webmaster says this police sniper is a murder and should be in jail
  54. Santa flap a close call for teacher
  55. Phoenix mulling cuts in police, fire - best option would be to fire all the police thugs
  56. locate people with these urs!
  57. polygamous policeman has been ordered to stand trial on charges of unlawful sex and bigamy
  58. The dog ate 'em - 8,000 DPS files vanish as a racial profiling case arises? Sure!
  59. Horse, dog breeders to get checks soon I wish the government would give me a check every time my dog gets fucked
  60. Breeding a deficit
  61. Churches eligible for federal funds
  62. Felons cannot ask courts for firearms Supreme Court upholds gun ban
  63. Governor restores rights of FBI agent jailed in Ruby Ridge probe
  64. Mascot spoof makes money Raises $100,000 for Indian scholarships
  65. Neighborhood group planning to fix houses
  66. Defense lawyers for a Cortez High School teacher accused of possessing child pornography asked a judge on Friday to dismiss the charges on constitutional grounds.
  67. Suit seeks cleanup of West Valley blight
  68. Female lawmakers urge Iran to end stoning for adultery
  69. for good dentist call charlie smith
  70. Authority of CIA to kill widened
  71. another good reason to get rid of government altogether.
  72. Those FBI government goons want to make you feel they are needed
  73. Stop! This is a restricted area. We have just taken your photograph
  74. our tax dollars being wasted.
  76. this site lets you search for news photos fro free!!!!
  79. fix copwatch radio scanner (lots of local electronic parts stores in phoenix)
  80. John Stossell talks at Marc Victor event
  81. Feb 7 event at Goldwater Institute
  82. add in the news at the mike for gov site
  83. add in the news at the todo_todo site
  84. Run for Mayor of Phoenix or Phoenix City Councilman
  85. Run for Mayor of Tempe or Tempe City Councilman in 2004
  86. Governor Napolitano's budget is full of smoke and mirrors
  87. Governor's plan: 'Wishful thinking'
  88. Bush War! Nothing is something!
  89. Arab nations again trying to lure Saddam into exile
  90. Maryvale - Pass on so COPWATCH can patrol it
  91. Fourty-one dollar hamburger
  92. Bankruptcy for diocese 'an option'
  93. Drought
  94. When cellphones are illegal only teenagers will have cellphones
  95. U.S. troops rehearse for urban warfare in Kuwaiti
  96. Tracking customers (put in useless too)
  97. Tempe pisses away tax dollars on Tempe Town Toilet (opps I mean Tempe Town Lake)
  98. Phoenix Catholic Diocese hiding records on sexual abuse by Catholic Priests
  99. Questions Surround Catholic Bishop O'Brien as Abuse Probes Intensifies
  100. Surprise Mayor Joan Shafer shakes down Lennar Communities Development Inc for money
  101. Messy yard police make it illegal to park in your frontyard in Scottsdale
  102. Bush thinks GI can fight his OIL war in 120 degree heat
  103. Government wastes money for looking at dirty pictures This is just as bad as when the government burned people at the stake for being witches
  104. U.S. Government now acts like Stalin, Hitler and Mao and abuses the rights of people worldwide
  105. Surgeons Leave Tools In 1,500 Patients A Year
  106. Hardware makes krappy karaoke singers sound good
  107. Catholic Church demands government write laws to force people to obey Catholic doctrines
  108. California law that temporarily lifts the statute of limitations for lawsuits involving Church sex abuse
  109. Bush doesn't want medical doctors to be held accountable for mistakes and crimes they commit
  110. City of Tempe steals Kenneth Pillow's home
  111. Kim Komando gives somes sites to get Medical Information at
  112. Illinois governer stops state from killing 167 people on death row
  113. See if COPWATCH can do something like this to raise money
  114. Government morons can't fix budget It's impossible to spend more money than you steal!
  115. Another good reason to stop jerking the Arabs around
  116. It's fucking cold in Moscow put in useless
  117. Governor pardons 4 men who were framed for murder
  118. Fuck the judge! I happen to agree with these folks who say you don't have to pay income tax
  119. A child molester in all the Catholic Church dioceses? Yes!
  120. Americans are slowly becoming agains a war in Iraw
  121. American cities against Bush Iraq War
  122. Kenyan girls sexually mutilated in name of god
  123. Waste of Tax Dollars
  124. U.S. trains for urban warfare in Iraq
  125. Fly the skys of America West while drunk:)
  126. How to stop spam junk e-mail
  127. Pass this on to COPWATCH so they can patrol it
  128. Life sucks and the recession will only get worse for now
  129. Cool article on drones. They could be used to smuggle drugs or carry out terrorists attacks
  130. Fuck the constitution! You have a right to a trial unless the government charges you with the crime of being a spy
  131. Run for President in 2004. Call Federal Election center for rules
  132. First Amendment doesn't exist in Mesa, Arizona. Mesa is a police state.
  133. Kim Komando's Komputer Klinic on getting a job
  134. Perhaps COPWATCH could raise money with a blockwatch grant
  135. Phoenix Library Sunday Newspaper - for lawsuit
  136. Countries should have the right to defend themselfs. North Korea is not different
  137. Tempe screws up our lives with speed bumps
  138. Congressman Edward Mezvinsky is a convicted criminal
  139. Cicero town president Betty Loren-Maltese is a convicted crook
  140. Potato flakes or snow? Only the producer really knows
  141. Government goons in Placentia, California steal lady's children
  142. Can man get SUV for $41,000 in coupons?
  143. Bush sends Marines to invade Iraq and kill people
  144. Oranges - good to eat
  145. Buy a zester, a small tool for removing tiny strips of peel, or zest
  146. vin 1
  147. vin 2
  148. vin 3
  149. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a moron!
  150. Use an old sari to filter drinking water and stop cholera cases
  151. 1,000 South Asians die in cold spell
  152. Anthrax cures cancer????
  153. What a waste of tax money arresting people who look at dirty pictures
  154. Norwegian hacker not guilty in bogus DVD case
  155. U.S. Border Patrol Agents stealing money from government
  156. Dozing Homeland Security Agent fired
  157. Looks like FBI Homeland Security Alert was a hoax
  158. Patrick O. Colleary a Catholic Priest who liked to hav sex with children is freed
  159. Governor Janet Napolitano thinks she is King Janet Napolitano
  160. ACLU needs witnesses of arrests at Phoenix anti-war protest
  161. Rare foggy day in Phoenix
  162. Rulers at ASU are do much better at taking your money then they do educating
  163. How they display the yellow first down line on football games that are televised
  164. More Border Patrol stealing our tax dollars and fraud
  165. Sheriff Joe charges $100 to book an inmate and $42 a day to jail them
  166. They can't arrest you after seven years
  167. Phoenix government nannies won't let you build a fence taller than three feet in your front yard.
  168. Government Nannies didn't keep this kid from getting killed It's time to get rid of the Government Nannies
  169. How gun silencers work
  170. Fire chief, paramedic lose jobs in drug scam
  171. U.S. government knows its easy for terrorists to shoot down passenger jets at airports
  172. Time for Arizona's to kill people in Iraq for Bush war
  173. Emme is a fat full-figured Barbie Doll Fat dolls for fat kids!
  174. Employers scanning employee's fingerprints
  175. State only in it for the Tobacco money
  176. How to get listed by google
  177. How to register your site so it gets searched by google and other search engines
  178. Toastmasters, 7:30 Monday at Phoenix Library
  179. IBM's part in the holocaust
  180. Bush's Iraq war violates basic international law. Bush is a war criminal
  181. Government Nannies let this kid get killed
  182. Get drunk - Help your Heart out
  183. Court lets U.S. detain citizens seized aboard
  184. Gov pardons everybody on death row in Ill
  185. Hardware makes your karoke singing sound better
  186. Tempe Morons ban Smoking
  187. Marijuana is almost legal in Canada
  188. Finland's kinder, gentler prisons
  189. Giuliani's stupid plan for Mexico City Police
  190. Nuns raped by Catholic priests
  191. Government making things illegal never works - even in prisons Fruit is now illegal in California Prisons
  192. Cool sites
  193. Government goons cause long lines at the airport
  194. Our police state will make their police state democratic
  195. IBM Engineer says IBM PC design sucks repost to arizona secular humanists
  196. Scams on how to get credit (i have been saying this for years)
  197. City of Chandler helps put locksmiths and auto mechanics out of busines
  198. The young face of arthritis Why my arm hurts
  199. Fat slobs die earlier
  200. Tempe needs gestpo citizens to snitch on fellow citizens in Tempe Parks
  201. Run for mayor of Phoenix or Tempe, or maybe run for city council
  202. DUI bullshit
  203. Evil Mommy
  204. wrecked cars
  205. regulation e - on banks
  206. worldwide 911 hunt
  207. anti-porn idiots
  208. these idiots hate porn
  209. Traditional foods
  210. CIA torture and killing
  211. Lavish Bash for David Peterson Arizona Treasurer
  212. bomb
  213. home seized
  214. home seized
  215. Government film agency misuses money
  216. Chinese food store
  217. South Korea not worried about neighbors nukes. But Bush is
  218. home seized
  219. home seized
  220. Why we have to stop using the Social Security Number as as national ID number
  221. Web sites help parents learn about SEX
  222. Police state Fiesta Bowl Block Party in Tempe Police State
  223. The Tucson Father loves your son. Biblical Speaking :)
  224. Mayor of Cicero is a crook
  225. Nicotine may cause cancer it may not be the tars
  226. Government gives dope to airplane pilots who killed Canadian soldiers
  227. U.S. Pilots on amphetamine kill Canadian soldiers
  228. Bush is not logical in his Iraq v North Korea position
  229. Bush is a dope
  230. People in Houston are FAT
  231. Homeland Security goons loose lawsuit
  232. It's still to wet for me. I hate rain
  233. FBI jerks around hacker who hacked DirecTV's "Period 4" anti-piracy cards
  234. Make sure government goons don't get my number for their "Phone Alerts"
  235. Too many stinking government employees and jobs
  236. The FBI doesn't want you to be able to encrypt your e-mail
  237. ID Theft
  238. ID Theft
  239. More of a police state for international travlers
  240. Priest likes to have sex with children
  241. It costs from $38.25 to $58.51 a day to jail people in Arizona
  242. Tempe loses childish law suit to close Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport
  243. Child molesting Catholic priest commits suicide
  244. When Homeland Security airport thugs break your baggage who will pay for damages??
  245. Finally Arabs are protesting U.S. invasion of Iraq
  246. ID Theft
  247. Nuns in a go-go cage, cops chasing priests - Humor
  248. NYC bans smoking in jails - another stupid law
  249. 50% of DUI stops violate civil rights, 85% are NOT DUI Stopped for driving under DUI patrols by Richard Rueals
  250. Add stuff I got on new years
  251. THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS: Our second great national holiday -- or at least it should be
  252. THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS: Our second great national holiday -- or at least it should be
  253. Arizona 6th-worst in fatal DUIs
  254. Roadkill can't abate stench of a raw deal
  255. Bush Set to Lay Out Missile Defense Plan - Paper
  256. Why is the government so resistant to a formal celebration of our founding freedoms?
  257. Peoria wants to be paid for island fire runs
  258. Bush prods Pentagon for missile defense - President says system needed within 2 years
  259. Judge halts enforcement of prisoner Internet ban
  260. its not really "grow or rot" but "tax and spend" as in as annex as much land as you can so you can tax the krap out of it.
  261. the rulers of the peoples republic of tempe making a downtown court yard a better place for the royal tempe rulers to rule.
  262. the government doesnt think its wrong to ignore the constitution and mix religion and government
  263. Kevin's Story by Kevin Mitnick
  264. Chapter 1 - Kevin's Story - by Kevin Mitnick
  265. Hundreds of Muslim Immigrants Rounded Up in Calif.
  266. CRYPTO-GRAM December 15, 2002
  267. final/ub100116.html
  268. Should the Forest Service Have Money to Burn?
  269. California Budget Deficit Nears $35 Billion
  271. Why is the government so resistant to a formal celebration of our founding freedoms?
  272. Convictions thrown out in Central Park rape case
  273. how to determine who sent fake email by looking at headers
  274. 'Material witnesses' often held months without testifying
  275. to view temp files that internet explorer ( ie ) is creating and using do this
  276. "storm drains are for rain" its the law - and its a fucking waste of money
  277. I remember when I took law in college that contracts are an agreement between two or more people to do something.
  278. for good dentist call charlie smith
  279. Microsoft Java
  280. clay pig
  281. news new (put on all my web pages)
  282. new krap (put on all my web pages)

  283. join these groups
  284. Is Taxation Theft? - If someone can remember where the refutation is and kindly provide a link,
  285. Is Taxation Theft?
  286. how to determine who sent fake email by looking at headers
  287. seach for the title and section of this federal law
  288. to view temp files that internet explorer ( ie ) is creating and using do this
  289. our tax dollars being wasted.
  290. Answer to "Is Taxation Theift?" for Jason.
  291. dentist that will take payments!!!!
  292. how to determine who sent fake email by looking at headers

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